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Any videos found on Piratecraft, created by the community can be submitted and shared here.


PirateCraft Lets-plays



Ship Battles

Ship Battle Event December 2016

Ship Battle Event January 2017

Ship Battle May 26th 2018

Ship Battle February 9th 2019

Raids and Sieges

Mafia Vs CLTN big gank fight

  • On november 24th, several members of CLTN assaulted a group of Mafia members trying to settle up a new town. Even though Mafia had way less numbers, they still managed to make CLTN struggle during the fight. CLTN: JUSAPlayer1 CaptainCracken Riverwood202 Turkeyman11a ArcherSquid Teyu Xeuric Mafia: Nationalistic xMadMonkeyx SimbadTiger