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Opening Salvos

After a long term of peace, VISN had been building up it's city, Visitopia, and was beginning it's recruitment process again. After only a couple of weeks, however, some of the newer members by the names of __clickz__ and __Creedz__ began questioning the Visionary ideals, questioning the very thing that the server had worked so hard to achieve since the last World War. After a raid by CSN, leaving a Visionary vault blown to smithereens, they began taking action against VISN, disobeying rules that had been set in the crew since the very beginning. Soon, however, they committed a number of atrocities, each one leading to the next, and this led into the deceleration of war.

In the wake of their broken rules, the duo proceeded to trick an ally into teleporting them to her city, then killing her (SPOOKYPLANT). Refusing to pay the price that the ally set, they left the crew, leaving VISN with a hole that would soon be filled with war.

After leaving the crew, clickz and Creedz took shelter under the protection of Mandarock. With RoP and BE's support, VISN began assaulting all three of the fugitives, but CSN recruited both clickz and Creedz. After recruitment, both RoP and BE dropped their siege, leaving VISN with no choice but to retreat. Soon after, clickz recruited a number of CSN members to begin their assaults once again on VISN, and he himself began coming multiple times every day, assaulting Visitopia alongside other CSN members including Caldera, RoMich02, and Salazar_The_Dead (Armando). VISN received help from other players, including gepetrus (who later rescinded support), Palapourheal, Kha0tic, CombatFry, and others in driving out the intruders time and time again. VISN would endure this insulting barrage of attacks for nearly a week before finally deciding to take action against their oppressors (with the exception of a brief skirmish leading to the death of Mandarock).

After a brief scouting mission, PIPPIP5789 and a number of members of ESE went to now-named Floki's (__clickz__) base and began a siege, only to die nearly instantly to Lego, who was at the base at the time. After some brief skirmishes and archery, half the team continued the attack while the other half began stealing and sinking Floki's ships. Soon, however, with the support of Armando, they drove back the attackers and began trying to reclaim the sinking fleet. They only managed to save a single ship (half blown-up), and when he couldn't do the same to VISN, Floki decided to retaliate by attempting to assassinate PIPPIP5789; this ultimately failed, with Palapourheal coming to his aid and helping him to defeat Floki. This final act finally drove home the need for war, and with that, PIPPIP5789 declared war (with the crew's consent) on CSN.

Attack on Floki's Base

Stage I

The first "official" attack of the war was another attack on Floki's base. VISN launched the attack using the V.N.S Supporter (PIPPIP5789 and Meliny_Spy), while CombatFry and Zhaphod also sailed along and aided in the attack. After the initial skirmishes on the outside, CombatFry sieged Floki and drove him out of his base to win the siege; however, RoMich02, Caldera, and Armando teleported in and stopped the raiders from breaking into the base. They proceeded to kill everyone but PIPPIP5789, who barely escaped their wrath and hid in an abandon floating town nearby. The V.N.S. Supporter was captured by CSN as well, and ransacked of all valuables. The attackers then regrouped at the town (which would be used as a temporary base of operations during the siege, with gepetrus, Palapourheal, and Bread_God also coming, but Meliny_Spy staying behind to keep watch in the case of an attack on Visitopia.

Stage II

The attacks began on the fort once again, with the attackers' strength nearly doubled. PIPPIP5789 began sieging once again, and during the fight, he managed to recover the Supporter. Laying heavy Firework fire via the onboard cannons, the attackers pinned Armando and Floki inside his base. RoMich had already disappeared somewhere at this time. Gepetrus led an attack on the main gate while PIPPIP5789 attacked the walls, both attacks to no effect. Once the siege ended, CrazyMoneyy teleported inside to aid CSN in the defense, but teleported back out when gepetrus managed to get inside the fort. After teleporting Palapourheal inside, the two went to work, killing all the defenders while PIPPIP5789, CombatFry, and Zhaphod assaulted the gates yet again, this time successfully getting inside thanks to Palapourheal. All the attackers then proceeded to route the defenders and killed them all except crazymoneyy. However, the V.N.S. Supplier was thought to have been sunk during the chaos at the gates.

Stage III

A few days after Stage II, ESE, VISN, and ES launched another attack on Floki's base while the majority of CSN was preoccupied with an attack on ROME. This time, however, Floki managed to drive off the intruders thanks to the help of xFrostyFox. After a sethome dispute with staff, the fight was stalemated until ESE and VISN took back up the attack yet again against Floki. After a brief siege, however, all the leaders of ESE but CombatFry, as well as PIPPIP5789, were brutally massacred by xFrostyFox. No retaliation followed, however, due to the threats of an automated cannon defense in Visitopia.

Raid on Visitopia

After a week without much action besides minor skirmishes around the map, Floki decided to attack Visitopia. Cornering and killing EndoMinoteur, he used guerrilla tactics to ambush the VISN member and left after killing him. Shortly after, reinforcements arrived, including Zhaphod, but Floki had left after stealing a large number of building resources being moved inside the walls to aid in the city's construction. After a brief chase, but no real retaliation, Endo began reassembling the supplies, only to find an invisible "spy" left over from the raid, and chased the spy away without learning his/her identity.


Decleration of War

After aiding VISN in multiple attacks on Floki and Armando (members of CSN) at Floki's base, ESE had agreed to back off of the attacks, having aided VISN due to strife between themselves and Armando. However, after Armando proceeded to log out in ESE's capital and blow up a number of their unclaimed buildings, tensions rose again. , CombatFry and Kha0tic_InX went to Armando's vault and blew it up. However, this enraged the leaders of ESE, and because of the attack they commissioned a new fleet of submarines and battleships to be built. With the commission underway, ESE declared themselves wartime allies to VISN and joined the war.

Sith Battles on the Front

Soon after the ESE's entrance into the war, Sith troops were deployed. Excursions to CSN territory resulted in successful detonations of multiple vessels in the CSN fleets, docked at their capital. Further attacks from coalition forces showed success on attacking CSN's player base when after continuous ESE and VISN attacks on Floki's base led to Floki and soon after Creedz to leave CSN. After their departure, news spread of Armando breaking their display after raging after losing a 1v1, disabling Armando's ability to play. During this time, the ESE resupplied and conducted operations to better their position in the war effort. Soon after Armando returned and attacked Silver_Slayer_ for the 3rd time. Eventually, Armando sieged Silver_Slayer_'s base, which was a mistake. The defending base was siege-proof so the siege turned into a raid, into a battle of attrition. Armando, admitting defeat, committed suicide to end the siege, giving Silver_Slayer_ his victory.

The next defeat that CSN had to take was Armando and EnderSold's ban. Armando was reportedly banned without warning after advertising, and EnderSold was reportedly banned for constant breaking of the rules, an act that has led many other PvPers to be banned in the past.

However, RoMich02 would retaliate in-turn, ambushing multiple ESE members as they were helping some ISEN allies. After killing Kha0tic and DeismosWreck, he vanished; he would later turn up as CombatFry was exploring the map and kill him.


After these battles happened, a war between ROME, ISEN, ESE, and CSN broke out, resulting in a temporary ceasefire between opposing sides. However, the ceasefire was ended after PIPPIP5789 offered a peace treaty to CSN, who refused and attacked Visitopia. Most of the citizens were warned in time and escaped CSN wrath; however, this meant war. VISN decided to take an offensive stand and launched multiple raids on CSN's capital. However, over half of the players died in the attempt, most notably GIBear, who was killed 5 times over the course of the raids. However, VISN did raid valuables and CSN banners.