ClaytonWilbur (Or Wil for short) came to these waters in search for the old pirate ways. Having not found them in there purest form he has worked to recreate and bring to life the old ways of the Pirate. He has largely been a wanderer, not having much of a place to call home and having joined several crews is in search for the perfect crew, (though none have been found so far)

Crew: None at Present

Life of ClaytonWilbur

ClaytonWilbur life was marked by tragedy and unrest but through it all Wil has remained in the Pirate life trying to find a calling that serves him best. He first began as a pirate like the rest, ship wrecked and forced to be on his own. His first home was built not too far off and east of the spawn. It appears as a castle in the middle of the ocean. Though in ruins now it suited him well for an intro into the pirates life that would follow. After staying there some time and after repeated attacks from everyone and anything coming out of the spawn Wil realized he should join a crew. His first choice was a bad one. He joined the crew of SpiritBlitz. Know for there rough Captain and bully history SpiritBlitz was indeed no place for the pirate and, though if you ask anyone from SpiritBlitz they would disagree, he had every right to leave the crew. Unknown to Wil SpiritBlitz had an unspoken policy that if any new player were to leave the barbarous crew they would be hunted down and killed. Moving from his home in the sea castle Wil found home in the Jungle where he built a village, one he hoped he could build a crew for himself.


~ Battle of West Jungle Base

At this quest in his life Wil was not a great pirate warrior and therefore not much of a PvPer. During his life in the Jungle, Wil had tried to create a peaceful place to stop, creating a sky-base above the Jungle canopy. Made entirely out of wood (please don't ask why...You'll just get a stupid reply) it made an easy target for attackers. All the crew of SpiritBlitz had to do was burn the floor of Wil's re-spawn point and the deaths by falling just racked up. By the time Wil recovered and found a way not to be stuck in a forever loop of falling to his death he fought back against the oncoming invaders, but it was too late. Everything of value had been stripped from the place leaving the pitiful base a ruin in the sky. If explorers were ever to find the sight, many other pirates have created the structure into a monument remembering the horrible and embarrassing battle that was fought there.

~ Journey South

Wil new that the SpiritBlitz would keep coming, so he fled south in search for refuge and place where he could make a new and more honorable name for himself. After journeying south ClaytonWilbur came across the Shroomy; Strange red cow-like peaceful creatures set on taming their parts of the sea. Being in need of a place to stay and not knowing where to begin he joined the crew of the Shroomy where he got his boots on firm ground. Just east of the crews bay he made a harbor were he created his home, and after being in the crew of Nico for some time he found the crew boring and not the piratey life that he had hoped for so he left the crew hoping for some more adventurous waters.

~ Taming of Calypso

Just south of Wil's harbor was a strange swamp full of odd creatures. Surprisingly Wil came across want the locals call a mooshroom in the swamp and as everyone knows a swamp is not a place to find mooshroom. So Wil captured the creature and created a colony of mooshrooms. However this mooshroom was indeed no ordinary mooshroom and legend has it, this creature was indeed a manifestation of the sea goddess Calypso. Many criticize this rumor stating that Calypso no longer has a physical body and is the sea, but as the legend goes Calypso had sent this mooshroom to look upon the creations of the pirates of the sea and that many other manifestations exist. Now as one can expect Calypso indeed did not like this mortal capturing and farming this mooshroom so she attacked Wil in a skin disease called by some to be mooshrooming. It gives the inflicted red skin, dark black eyes, and strange white spots. She then attacked him with skeletons and destroyed half of his base. In this battle Wil was able to have his first victory and was able to recapture the mooshroom and saving his base. As a tribute to the creature he created for Calypso a floating giant mushroom forest and a temple at the very top. To this day any pilgrims may travel south to look upon the floating forest and Calypso the Shroom as she is called in this form.

(More Coming Soon)