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ClaytonWilbur (Or Wil for short) came to these waters in search for the old pirate ways. Having not found them in there purest form he has worked to recreate and bring to life the old ways of the Pirate. He has largely been a wanderer, not having much of a place to call home and having joined several crews is in search for the perfect crew, (though none have been found so far)

Crew: None at Present

Life of ClaytonWilbur

After journeying south ClaytonWilbur came across the Shroomy; Strange red cow-like peaceful creatures set on taming their parts of the

sea. Being in need of a place to stay and not knowing where to begin he joined the crew of the Shroomy where he got his boots on fir

m ground. It was here that Wilbur met his first enemy; the pillaging, land lubber crew known no other than SpiritBlitz.

Battle of West Jungle Base

At this quest in his life Wil was not a great pirate warrior and therefore not much of a PvPer. During his life in the Jungle, Wil had tried to create a peaceful place to stop, creating a sky-base above the Jungle canopy.