The Cove

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The Cove
The Cove from the Crows Nest
PirateCraft The Cove, Badge

The Cove is the Server Capital Of PirateCraft, you can find server shops, spawnable ships & tutorials at The Cove. This is a PVP free area, along with spawn, north, east, south, and west, and is located at x:-1260 z:345.

How do I get to The Cove?[edit | edit source]

  • To quickly get to The Cove use /warp cove

If you prefer to waste hunger bars, you can:

  • Travel from /spawn you can follow the Aqueduct that will have an automated barge to take people to The Cove.
  • Follow the paths north out of spawn and follow the signs to The Cove.
  • Use the train station north out of spawn, follow the paths until you reach the Giant tree, the train station is inside this.
  • Navigate to x:-1260 z:345

Facilities at The Cove[edit | edit source]

We have an ever expanding range of server facilities at The Cove to take advantage of, this area is also PVP free so its fit for trading.

Treasure Chests[edit | edit source]

Have a vote key? Use it here!

Ship Shop[edit | edit source]

Here you can buy item kits to build your own ships.

Cannons Shop[edit | edit source]

Buy cannon kits to build your own cannons. You can also activate an XP boost here.

Rusty Keg - Pub[edit | edit source]

Buy ye grog here! The Rusty Keg also teaches you how to create a brewery and brew your own grog.

Information Center[edit | edit source]

Find out about the different rank kits, if you're too lazy to read the wiki page about it.

Town Center[edit | edit source]

In the Town center you can repair enhanced custom items for a price, its also the home of the Deed Office, which doubles as GodsDeads office. The Town center hosts The Cove builders storage rooms and Cove Shop storage rooms. There are 2 more floors, one that sells shulker boxes and one that will soon host a small armoury.

Witch Hut[edit | edit source]

Be aware of the witch, if she's in a good mood you may be able to trade with her.

  • Squid Fact: King Henry the VIII married a squid as his 3rd wife, she had no children.

Wood Shop[edit | edit source]

Earn some money by selling Logs to The Cove wood shop, all materials are used to build more of The Cove.

Spawnable Ships[edit | edit source]

Want a pre-made ship fast? Follow the big docks at The Cove to reach the docks to spawn a pre-made ship, or use /warp ships to get here fast!

The Chapel[edit | edit source]

Repent one's wrongdoing at the Chapel, If you're luck you may spot Bishop Harry_mason2.

Coughing_Dogs Shop & Rooms[edit | edit source]

Coughing_Dogs shop is permanently closed, It stands as a memorial to Coughing_Dogs time on PirateCraft.

Cove Secrets[edit | edit source]

There are hidden areas at The Cove to try and find!