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Stewie0404 is (currently) a attorney and chief legal advisor to the [[Lancastrian Empire]]. Joining in the August of 2019 (cant remember which date) he quickly became known among the populace for his many (infamous) deeds. He joined [[ROME]] on his 3rd day and quickly got into trouble for defending the crew during their banishment for their name titles. Soon after they kicked him for harassing allies. He then joined [[British Empire]] were he became both a sailor in the royal navy and a part time writer. This is were he won his first legal case in MonarchChickens vs. Stewie0404. But soon after he was yet kicked again from another crew (in a vote of 13 to ban and 4 to not) this time after he called [[SpikyCactus01]] a "(explicative)". He found himself homeless living in spawn before [[Sharkygirl9]] gave him a home. He is now a renown lawyer in [[Lancastrian Empire]].<br />
fun facts about Stewie0404:<br />
-he is a member of the Jewish Faith<br />
-he is a practicing member of the Church of Missivism<br />
-he was a Cadet for 2 months<br />-he plans to become a lawyer irl

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