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<span>SpikyCactus_ started his PirateCraft journey in mid-2018 under the name Gamer_2105. For approximately 4 months, he was a highly-respected member of the crew<span></span></span>[[Dawgs|Dawgs]]<span>, and eventually worked his way up to being a leader. After awhile, he began to get bored of Dawgs, so he began his own adventure and set out to create the<span></span></span>[[Dominion Of Canada|Dominion Of Canada]]<span>. His big dream never really panned out, and he quickly became inactive. He was inactive for approximately 4-5 months and then he came back to join BE. Spiky enjoyed BE, he quickly ranked up and became their Foreign Secretary, but then left to join HI - he was looking to establish himself as a successful businessman. Spiky only ended up staying in HI for a day or two, and quickly got invited to be a leader in<span></span></span>[[MelonIsNotAFruit|MelonIsNotAFruit's]]<span><span></span>crew; the infamous</span>''Python''<span>. It didn't take long for Spiky to join<span></span></span>[[TAS|TAS]]<span>, where he enjoyed chilling with his insane friends. That little time in TAS didn't last long, even though he loved it there, he was kidnapped once again by<span></span></span>[[SjIsNotAFruit|SjIsNotAFruit]]<span>,</span>[[MelonIsNotAFruit|MelonIsNotAFruit]]<span>, and<span></span></span>[[WaterPool|WaterPool]]<span>, after they wanted him to help them build<span></span></span>[[DD|DD]]<span>. Just like before, Spiky once again was kidnapped by<span></span></span>[[Cysteen|Cysteen]]<span>, where he was welcomed back to TAS. As of 2019/12/04, Spiky is living happily in TAS with his friends.</span>

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