Southern Mesa

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East Side

Not to be confused with the "Far South Mesa". The name has derived from the South area, with the Southern Mesa being found in the upper regions of this expansive body of water.

It has two parts, the West side, and East side, both of which have a canal going through to allow access to the seas they would lock off.

The East side is shared by a number of constituents, its West flank peninsula has been colonized by the Iborian Empire, whose presence has helped to establish the name of the north reaches of the Southern Ocean as the Iborian Sea, who have set up a set of settlements, including their in construction capital- New Faythe, a carved out plateau. Their assets also include a small docking area to the not far East of New Faythe- this is however not to get confused with the Juice Pirates' dockyard on the East flank.

On the East flank is the main "HQ" of the Juice Pirates, along side that though is a small canal, under the jurisdiction and construction of the Iborians, this however is in significant to Gordy's Gate -constructed by GordensAlive- which opens the Southern Ocean to the East reaches of the map. The main base of Astrobolt is located here as well, in the mid-north and on the east side of the Mesa, named Mesa Basa - which holds closely guarded secrets, and a layout which is one of such.

The West side is mainly controlled by the Juice Pirates, who have one of their main settlements here of colourful, high-rise skyscrapers which dominate the plateaus there.