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Settlements are areas of habitation created by players. The can take many forms, among others ports, villages, towns, cities, ghettos, etc. A settlement is different from a base in that it is a center of commerce, culture and expansion. Typically, a settlement will encompass a number of buildings and a system of streets. The average settlement needn't necessarily house more than one player.

Town Status

The title of "town" is reserved for settlements with a certain level of prestige. To be upgraded to official town status, it is necessary to the meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant settlement must be listed on the official settlements thread on the PirateCraft forums.
  • It must possess one Town Hall.
  • There must be walkways/roads/paths connecting all builds.
  • There must be one beacon present.
  • A town must have shops selling at least 50 stocked wares OR it must have an arena.
  • Building architecture should follow similar themes and each building should feature characteristics of that building, i.e a church wouldn’t just be a square box with a sign on the front saying “Church”.
  • Buildings cannot be hollow shells. Houses need to have furnished rooms.
  • Five more buildings of different types are required. Some ideas:
    • Blacksmith
    • Farm(s)
    • Central square
    • Arena
    • Stables
    • Tavern
    • Prison
    • Church/Temple
    • Port (if coastal)
    • Lighthouse (if coastal)
    • Train station with railway leading to a landmark
    • Storage
    • Public mine
    • Trade market(s)
    • Rental properties (sub claimed real estate)
    • Bank
    • Defensive structures and infrastructure such as walls/moats/bridges/etc.

A town can also have a Map Marker placed, but this must be done by a Contributor.

Alphabetical List of Active Settlements


Not really Countries

Alphabetical List of Inactive/Former Settlements