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Q. What rank do I have to be to build ships?
A. You can build the starter ship dhow from deckhand rank.

Q. What rank do I have to be to build cannons?
A. You can build and fire rusty cannons from cadet rank, and carronade cannons, iron cannons and mortars from gunner rank.

Q. How can I claim my house?
A. A Golden Spade is used to create and resize claims to protect your home. You can either go mining to make your own or buy one from another player or shops. However, your chests aren’t safe from raiders, so place a stone brick block over it!

Q. How do I sail a ship?
A. To pilot your ship, or steal another, right click the ships control sign (ex: dhow), and you will be greeted with a message saying you have successfully piloted the ship. To move, you can either use the Cruise sign, or right click in the direction you want to move with your Golden Hoe, Your ship will start to move in that direction unless you are being obstructed by land, ships, or docks. To rotate your ship, you will need a sign on your ship with the line [helm] on board, This will turn into a wheel once activated by right clicking. To rotate right click the sign with a empty hand to rotate clockwise and left click with an empty hand to rotate counterclockwise, this will cause your whole ship to rotate. To release your ship you have to use the command /release in chat, or create a [release] sign on the ship, Or you could just leave your ship and wait for the 30 second timer to end. Alternatively, if you fall off and can't get back in, simply type /manoverboard to be placed back on your ship.

Q. How do I play PirateCraft?
A. This is a pirate themed Minecraft server, not a minigame. You play like you would on a normal server, with the addition of several plugins. Most notably, the ships and cannons plugins.

Q. I have a problem that requires help from staff members!
A. Please make a support ticket, http://piratemc.com/forums/server-support/support-tickets/. Please appreciate that staff have lives and are very busy, so they may not get back to you straight away. One support ticket is plenty enough!

Q. How do I leave spawn and find a home?
A. You can leave spawn by doing the /warp command. Through most warps you will be able to walk a ways and find a home. The warps North, South, East, and West are the best. There is then at the end of each warp a random teleport sign. You can also do /map and follow the link that appears to find a spot that suits your needs. There is also /wild. Alternatively, you can use the Live Map to find somewhere to settle.

Q. I am a deckhand and I want to join a crew!
A. This server has a ranks system, and as the starter rank it is usually quite difficult for a deckhand to find a crew. It is recommended that you at least reach the sailor rank and show that you intend to stay with this server instead of expecting to start playing with a crew immediately.

Q. I cannot swim and things are glitching for me!
A. Make sure you are playing on 1.12.2, as the server is not ready for 1.13 yet. We recommend you stay on this version until all the plugins are ready and perfected for the public and it officially updates. You can track the progress on updating in the discord server.

Q. How do I get money?
A. A new player starts off with £25 in server cash, however this quickly dwindles. For a new player to make money who does not have much in the way of resources, the options are to vote, which has a chance of giving cash sums as prizes as well as other resources or the player can gather resources that can be sold in sell shops. One example is the sell sign at /warp cove that enables a player to sell a stack of logs for £6. /info eco provides a brief guide on certain methods of making money.

Q. Oh no! Somebody killed me and stole everything I own.
A. It happens to everyone. This is a pvp server so this is all allowed. If you want to be able to build a safe base then you need to understand how claims work. Remember each rank has a set of /kits for armor/tools.