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Numenor - Fall 2019

Numenor is a town within the Lancastrian Empire of Numenor, and is the largest town within the Lancastrian province of Easteria. The town is the only one with the Empire to have its own monarchy ruling it in place of a mayor. The current prince and founder of Numenor is Harry_Potter1212.


Harry_Potter1212's Throne - Fall 2018

Numenor was founded by Harry_Potter1212 in the early winter of 2018 on a rocky cliff area, overlooking the southeastern part of the Lancastrian Bay and the main canal connecting the North Sea to the water regions of the far northwest. The town had its beginnings as a strategically located fort/village as it oversaw and sat right next to, the canal opening, thus giving the Lancastrians oversight and control as to who went through the canal. Over the next several months, Harry_Potter1212 would build up the city adding in houses, buisnesses, ports, a lighthouse, a church, and even his own palace and throne for himself. During the mid-spring of 2018, the region that Numenor was in was changed from being apart of the larger province of Centreal Valley, to a newly created province called Easteria. Numenor at current is the largest population center within Easteria, and is the capital city of that province.

Numenor - Fall 2018