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City of Mithlond
Mithlond overview evening.png
a short look into the city
Epic Slowmo - Mithlond pic.png
one of our inhabitants
Mithlond brewery.png
our brewery - the house is just the top of the iceberg
Location Mithlond.png
here we are!
Founded: May 2018
Location: 1300, 64, -100
Official status: Town
Current mayor: Creeperman101
Current secretary of state: SlowmotionTurbo
Current finance minister: / (de facto: Creeperman101)
Current territorial minister: / (officially: ismaworkx)

last updated: 26.03.2019

The Mithlond-Mediateam ended the support of this page! There are no longer regulary updates on the content below. In fact the tab "News" may not be on the latest state of information.



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last 7 days

  • 19.03.2019: Alarmsystem partly inoperable! 1/4 Stations can't be used!

General information

Mithlond is one of the largest cities on PirateCraft. The town has a population of 11 inhabitants, only 3 of these are active. Founded in May 2018 by Minemoppel, LittleEndermann and Creeperman101, they have created one of the largest communities on the server.

The currency used in the city is the "Mithlondsche Taler", but it isn't in use that often. Mithlond also has a harbour, a bank, a nether portal, a XP-farm, a brewery and agricultural facilities. There was a subway, but currently it is in a derelict state as well as the TV1-Studios.


  • Creeperman101 | GI
  • SlowmotionTurbo | GMI
  • [Lord] Minemoppel | PMI (5 days)
  • [Sir] ismaworkx | PI (5 days)
  • LittleEndermann | PI (7 days)
  • urzehd | PI (4 months, 24 days)
  • Dustblossom | PI (1 month, 13 days)
  • jJGamerjJ | PMI(5 days)
  • Backstein123 | PI (17 days)
  • Rayuga12 | I
  • xaroulhs1983 | PI (11 days)
  • TheSoulOverseer | PI (1 month, 7 days)


  • G = government
  • M = media team (WhatsApp, Discord, PirateCraftWiki)
  • I = inhabitant
  • P = passive

Allied crews of the city


Mithlond got a own Discord-Server for inhabitants and guests, feel free to join when you want to talk with us! NOTICE: This discord server is only for people who want to communicate! It's not a public server, please don't abuse it.


This link was posted in arrangement with Maximus_Terragon. If there should occure any problems with this server, please contact Minemoppel immedeately.

Buildings & facilities

Mithlond 2D map city 16.03.2019 edited.png

The city has grown very fast in the last year. After the first three buildings have been built there was a short break until Mithlond got new inhabitants. Therefore there was a huge demand of new residential buildings and other facilities like farms and a storage. In the nower days there are many construction areas but the building boom stagnated. Many older buildings were neglected and so many of them are increasingly expiring.


this topic will be added soon


this topic will be added soon

Central Bank of Mithlond (CBM)

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Nether portal

this topic will be added soon


The XP farm of Mithlond is in general a usual XP farm which is based on a cave spider spawnwer. This farm is located in the North-east at 1330 10 -170 and can be reached by a ladder, which starts in an old subway station and ends in front of an iron door, which protects the XP farming players against enemies.

After some renovations in the past, the farm is now bright and attractively designed and affords enough comfort to spend more than one day without any problems. Moreover the farm is equipped with a field and a small fishing pond.


this topic will be added soon

Agricultural facilities

this topic will be added soon

Mithlond Subway

The Subway of Mithlond was a prestigious project at its time. The public subway was founded in June 2018 and ended services in February 2019. There was a total amount of 6 stations and 2 subway lines (U1, U2) but only the U1 was ever operated, the U2 never was finished. It was based on an old subway system that was used to transport items and persons in case of a long siege. 100m of tunnel costed around 250 Taler, that was way to expensive. Also sometimes the time you were waiting on the station took longer than the whole traveled way would have taken by foot. Additionally the technic was very susceptible to interference. Mainly because of these reasons the project was aborted while the U2 has been built.

Today there is a small museum in the old control station. Also there is one remaining station you can visit. 4 other stations were simply abandoned and one will be rebuilded to a better entrance to the XP-farm.


General chronic

  • 15.05.2018: Mithlond was founded
  • 17.05.2018: Mithlond got its first WhatsApp group
  • 19.05.2018: 1st TV1-News released
  • 01.06.2018: Mithlond joined Elven EmpireMinemoppel became the first mayor
  • 01.07.2018: first plans to improve infrastructure
  • 03.07.2018: construction of the U1 began
  • 10.07.2018: U1 finished
  • 18.07.2018: constitution released
  • 20.07.2018: construction of the court hall began
  • 27.07.2018: constitution abolished
  • 28.07.2018: public storage opend
  • 03.08.2018: court hall finished
  • 11.08.2018: public nether portal opend
  • 14.08.2018: improvement works on the U1 finished
  • 01.09.2018: Mithlond left the Elven Empire, an alliance consisted
  • 06.09.2018: construction of the U2 began
  • 07.09.2018: government system abolished → Minemoppel dismissed as mayor
  • 09.09.2018: hard attack on Mithlond
  • 23.09.2018: 1st votes for a new government → Creeperman101 (mayor), SlowmotionTurbo (secretary of state), Minemoppel (finance/territorial minister)
  • 24.09.2018: constructions on all subway lines paused
  • 01.10.2018: finance and tax system introduced
  • 01.11.2018: 2nd votes for a new mayor → Minemoppel (mayor), SlowmotionTurbo (secretary of state), Creeperman101 (finance/territorial minister)
  • 10.11.2018: 1st shutdown began
  • 29.01.2019: city wall extended + southern gate
  • 30.01.2019: 1st shutdown ended
  • 31.01.2019: many strange, abandoned claims on the island of Mithlond removed
  • 03.02.2019: hard attack on Mithlond (Target_Down got unbanned and came back)
  • 03.02.2019: 3rd votes for a new government → Creeperman101 (mayor), SlowmotionTurbo (secretary of state), no finance/territorial minister
  • 15.02.2019: subway ended operations
  • 12.03.2019: Mithlond got this PirateCraftWiki article (Main Page)
  • 12.03.2019: Mithlond got an own Discord-Server
  • 13.03.2019: TV1 ended operations
  • 27.03.2019: Mithlond-Mediateam ended support on this PirateCraftWiki article

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