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GodsDead 3D.png
PirateCraft Owner
Date Joined: Sep 2012
Age: 30
Rank: Admiral (Owner)
Real Name: Tom
Crew: Cove
Resource Pack: DokuCraft

GodsDead is the founder & owner of PirateCraft, Pirate themed minecraft server and https://piratemc.com.

PirateCraft Projects

  1. PirateCraft Minecraft server network
  2. piratemc.com custom wordpress theme https://piratemc.com/2018/09/05/website-redesign/
  3. Piratemc.com vector logo design
  4. Video Recording/Editing https://www.youtube.com/piratemc
  5. Built Minecraft Web Stats, Custom made stats web UI https://piratemc.com/2015/03/22/minecraft-web-stats/

Roles On PirateCraft

  • Full Admin
  • Website Development, Design and SEO
  • Copywriter
  • Moderate player behaviour
  • Manage staff team
  • Terrain management
  • Plugin setup, configuration and maintenance
  • DevOps, Domain(s) DNS, Server uptime etc
  • Graphic Design
  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Social Media, Marketing & Advertising
  • Pay the Bills


The best means of contact is to post a Support ticket on the forums, or post on the PirateCraft Discord.