What to know before starting PirateCraft?Edit

Please start by reading the Rules.

This is a PvP Survival server with a pirate theme and role playing. This guide will help you get started with the basics.

Please note that staff members (shown in red, orange, and blue) are primarily available to ensure players are following the rules. As it says in the Rules, respect the staff and listen to them. As a rule they generally do not return lost items, settle disputes, or provide other getting started assistance outside of what can be found in this guide.

Do not cheat, exploit glitches, or run any client mods. Do not discuss or advertise another server or service. These actions will get you banned permanently.

How to Get StartedEdit

First visit our live map and get familiar with the world. Locate the various warps (cove, north, south, east, west) and find a place you want to call home.

Start minecraft, Click Multiplayer and click Add Server.

Edit Server Info
Server Name: PirateCraft
Server Address: mc.piratemc.com
Server Resource Packs: (Default)

Click Done and then click the server name to join. After joining for the first time use /warp cove and look around, get familiar with this area as it’s a safe PvP free area to explore and where you will usually trade with other players. Once you are ready to set out on your own use one of the /warp [direction] locations or use the /wild command to get started.

If you need food or starter equipment, type /kits to see what kits (kits contain tools etc) you have, every rank you get promoted to, you get a new kit (see list of Kits). Fishing is a good source for new players to find food and other useful items. You can also buy and sell goods including food and claim blocks, see Money & Economy for details. Please do not beg for food or other items/services from players.

Making a ClaimEdit

Once you have arrived where you want to build place your chest to claim that area. Then use the /sethome command so you will respawn there after dying. You can also sleep in a bed to set your respawn point different than /home. Be sure to put a non-siegeable block (like stone bricks) on top of your chest to prevent other players from stealing it’s contents. Another good idea is to store your most valuable contents in an ender chest because those are unstealable. You can find out what blocks can be broken (aka “Soft blocks”) in a siege by using /info siege. You will need a gold shovel to expand your claim so get to digging and read Claims and siege for more information.

Crews, Ships, and CannonsEdit

Start by surviving a few nights and making friends on the server. It usually takes a little while to get invited to a crew. Optionally you and your friends can create a new crew, see the Creating a Crew page for details.

For information on building ships use /info ships or you can /warp ships to see some existing examples. Help on building and using cannons can be found by using /info cannons or /warp cannons to see some examples. You may also read about Ships and Cannons right here.

In most cases these features require you to rank up. You can read about the various Ranks for more information. You can also check your stats online but don’t worry if they are a little out of date. Keep playing and you will rank up. If you would prefer you can /donate to skip some rank requirements.

Will Pirates Attack?Edit

Most pirates will avoid attacking new players just joining the server, at least for a little while. To be safe keep your distance from other pirates in the wild until you have sufficient resources to survive. As Piratecraft is a PvP server, there will always be someone out to get you unless you're playing with a trusted friend. Avoid accepting teleport requests from people you do not trust. Building farther inland and away from other people and warps can also help isolate you from wandering pirates. If you get a warning about someone trying to kill you – best to /warp cove and chill for a bit, or log off.

What do we ExpectEdit

We expect you to be polite and considerate of other players and staff. Harassment will not be tolerated nor will trolling or use of profanity. Depending on the severity you will likely be muted, jailed, lockered, or temporarily banned.

Staff members expect you to be quiet and serve your time if you are punished for something. Profess your innocence if you must, but once and only ONCE. If you can prove your innocence, ask the op politely if they would like to see it. If they say "No", then just drop it. Arguing will earn you a more severe punishment 100% of the time.

Player GuidesEdit