Getting Started

From PirateCraft

What type of server is PirateCraft?

Hard Survival.

How do I play?

Minecraft is yet simple and complex, easy to play hard to master, for any help ask people playing on the server, or just jump into Google.

You can start off by exploring the wild and getting to an unclaimed area where you can begin to start a new life after being ship wrecked. Another option is sacrificing £15 to access the wild through one of the /warps (/warp North, /warp East, /warp South, /warp West).

Type /kits to see what kits (kits contain tools etc) you have, every rank you get promoted to, you get a new kit.

You start of with £25, you can easily get food, or any required item you wish, just type /warp shop, /warp trade, /warp skyshop,/warp cove, i personally perfer /warp cove it have many markets and also looks very nice, you can mine common supplies and other blocks or minerals and sell those goods for money,

Can I join a crew?

Start by surviving a few nights and making friends on the server

Some beginners start by asking around for players that want more crew members. This usually doesn't work so usually successful beginners start off by surviving on their own for a while before possibly joining crews with new pirate friends. ~aniviankevinlu

How do I sail a ship?

You need to /rank up first or /donate to bypass gaining stats.

After having the correct rank to be able to sail ships (Cadet or higher), you can sail ships by using signs and a golden hoe. A golden hoe can be purchased at any of the shops on the server (/warp shop, /warp skyshop, / warp trade or /warp cove). To set up the control signs, place a sign down and on the first line, write the name of the ship. Right click the sign to take control of the ship. Right click with a golden hoe in the direction you would like to travel in. 2 other signs are optional. A sign with [helm] in the first line can be used to rotate the ship. a sign with "Cruise: Off" on the first line can be used sort of like an autopilot. ~aniviankevinlu

Where should I start?

A lot of the places near Spawn will be claimed and/or Stripped of resources. Find a New place somewhere far away. Use the Live map On the PirateCraft Website for help