Fort Caraway

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Fort Caraway is a settlement owned and run by the Luteus Republic and is situated towards the east of PirateCraft. It.It is mainly a area for new citizens but it includes some other iconic land marks including a market and a port. It was originally home to General of the L.R: Zee_King_Bee_xD. And has vastly improved, from a wall surrounded house to one of the main settlements of the L.R, home to many citizens.

But in late September, Zee_King_Bee_xD left the L.R and fort caraway, from the loss of their mayor the town was vulnerable as Icanra's forces were spread out to defend the new towns and ports that were now being built across the PirateCraft map. This lead to furious attacks by enemy forces, and caraway now remains with many houses destroyed, the landscape caved in from explosions and the sea being filled with stone.

Fort Caraway currently remains in this state although a plan to rebuild has been talked about but not fully decided by the Council of Luteus as the resources and time needed to rebuild are large. This settlement officially joined the Luteus Republic in June 2015 and was the first official town to be registered as an Lutian Settlement.