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* [[0utlaws]] (0UT)
* [[0utlaws]] (0UT)
* [[Penguin Co. International]] (PCI)
* [[Penguin Co. International]] (PCI)
* [[Phantom]] (?)
* [[Phantom]] (PHNTM)
* [[Phoenix-Pirates]] (?)
* [[Phoenix-Pirates]] (?)
* [[Piratequest]] (?)
* [[Piratequest]] (?)

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Groups are conglomerates of players sharing a common ideology or working towards a common cause. Groups can take on many forms, from ragtag bands of brigands to globe-spanning empires. It's up to you to choose your path in the perilous world of PirateCraft!

Link to latest compiled list of active crews- https://piratemc.com/topic/piratecraft-active-crew-list-july-2018/

Forms of Crews

Alphabetical List of Active Crews

Alphabetical List of Dissolved Groups

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