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Carmory is a small village southeast of the cove. It is placed on the plains island of Nanjana and is a village for farmers and fishermen.

It was founded in the early spring of 2015. Even though it is close to the Cove there aren't many settlers in Carmory or on Nanjana.
It's also worth mentioning that Carmory has always been a neutral village, having some connections to the British Empire and to the Elven but never joining one bigger faction.

Flag of Carmory
Picture of Carmory
Founder: Stingbarry
Location: -100,1300

Important Buildings[edit | edit source]

Stingbarry's Inn
This Inn belongs to the town's founder and only brewer of Carmory. It contains three guest rooms as well as a central room for tavern guests where they can consume what they have bought.
The stables of the inn are close by, where the cattle and the horses of the inn are held.

Nanurta's Shrine
This shrine is at the other site of the island and is a place of belief for the few followers of Nanurta a godess of nature and fertility.
Additionally, all flowers of the world - her holy flowers - grow inside the shrine.

The Train Station
This train station is connected to a rather short railway route.It is mostly used to transport people or items from one end of the island to the other.