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BreadGod69 joined the piratecraft server on 7/19/2020. He was the Emperor of the Bread Empire and is now the Grand Moff of Cerberus of The Eternal Sith Empire.

The Bread Empire

BreadGod69 and YGYangGaming founded The Bread Empire on 24/7/2020 with mortis_4 being the first recruited member. The Bread Empire continued to expand in members and was met by both positive and negative outcomes. The Empire later disbanded due to numerus reasons leading to most high ranking members joining The Eternal Sith Empire or ESE.

The Eternal Sith Empire

BreadGod69 became the Grand Moff of the Sector known as Cerberus soon after joining ESE and took part in the CSN war and the wars against ROME. Although weak at PVP, he has contributed by offering strategic planning which lead ESE to be victorious in the wars against ROME. Soon after the wars ended, mortis_4 which is a good ally and friend of BreadGod69 left the server due to it being "just another factions server". This made a big impact on him causing him to be less online. Another reason for BreadGod69's inactiveness is due to him getting addicted to other games such as Nier: Automata and RimWorld.

Fun Facts about BreadGod69: 1. BreadGod69 and YGYangGaming are friends in read life. 2. He likes science for some reason. 3. Is a "professional" tactician.